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>The first thing to do when stroke symptoms are noticed is to call 112 immediately..

Sudden loss of strength in the arm, facial shift and speech disorder may be signs of stroke. If one of these symptoms suddenly occurs, the patient or their relatives should contact the 112 unit as soon as possible. Some stroke symptoms are as follows.

Weakness on one side of the body, face, arm and/or leg.

Numbness on one side of the body, face, arm and/or leg.

Clouding of Consciousness

Speech disorder, inability to speak

> It is very important that patients are brought to the emergency services by 112 Ambulances.

The treatment of stroke patients who are taken to the emergency services by ambulance is started in the ambulance. Ambulance officers know the centers where stroke patients can be treated the fastest, inform the hospitals they are going to, and in this way, it is possible to respond to the patients brought to the emergency services in the fastest and most appropriate way.

> The cure for stroke is early intervention.

Stroke treatment is possible if the patient applied in the first hours. The earlier the patient receives treatment, the higher the success rate of treatment. Therefore, it is important to start treatment without losing time after stroke.

> Avoid wrong interventions!

The patient should not be given any medication while waiting for the ambulance. There is no use in taking the patient into the shower and washing with cold water. Even if the stroke symptoms resolve completely in a short time, the patient should immediately apply to a health institution. It is very wrong not to go to the hospital thinking that the person has recovered.

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